Trevor Whitehouse


John Koksinski – washes his hands every four minutes and has never bought anybody a drink.

Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Blue, to varied to pick a favourite type of music, Curry, Chinese, Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Puddings, Cheese, Jaffa Cakes

Biggest Interest outside of racing?

Bikes, Cars, Skiing


Patent Draughtsman

Currently live in?

Kelvedon Hatch, Essex

Role within team?

Helping with bike preparation, Bodywork and Graphics. During the race, I assist with the front wheel change.

Racing Experience:

I have never raced myself (apart from a moped endurance race at Lydden) but have been involved in Endurance racing since 1998, winning the. UK Endurance Championship that year with Brookvex Racing. Have been a member of GBmoto since the team was created in 2000, competing in the World Endurance Championship. We returned to the UK Endurance Championship in 2003 and won the UK Endurance Championship the following year.

Funniest moment in racing?

Wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back now it has to be, at the Bol D`or in 2000 while watching live coverage on French TV from the garage, a few bikes going down at the first very fast right hand bend one of the bikes began to cart wheel through the gravel trap then caught fire. Everyone was watching with amazement which quickly turned to horror when we realised it was our bike! Ten minutes later a smoking slightly melted R1 pulled up (Back to the Future style) outside our garage with Barry ‘Bonfire’ Watts on board. No more than 15 minutes later the bike was back out on track!

Favourite moment in racing?

Winning the championship in 2004, everyone put so much effort into the whole year & seeing Mark arrive in parc-ferme with his crash helmet slowly filling with his tears, started us all off - so proud.

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

It would have to be either Keith or Kevin, they both change the rear wheel and think they’re faster than myself & Gavin. They could do with being brought down a peg or two. Not to worried about it either, as I’m taller than Kevin & can run faster than Keith so it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

How I justify this to the other half:

No problem, she loves the racing scene. You’ll see her out on pit wall all day.

What I will most likely say if you meet me in the paddock:

Outta my way I don’t want Keith or Kevin to catch me up.