Supporters Club

Welcome to the official GBmoto Supporters Club which has been formed to bring together everybody that has shown a keen interest in our ‘long distance’ pursuit of race wins. GBmoto has prepared particularly well this year and will be sporting a new colour scheme, new riders and using new technology.

We want you to come to the race tracks and join in the fun. At each event there will be an official ‘GBmoto’ awning where you can relax, see the action from close quarters and spend time with our team members.

So how much does it cost and what do I get?

The cost of joining for 2008 is £25. Upon receipt of funds we will give you an individual membership number with which you access the following benefits:

Discounted entry to race circuits
Use of the GBmoto Supporters Club facilities at race tracks
Access to the online broadcasts of each of this year races
Monthly updates and race reports
Discount on team clothing

Your investment in the team will be used to further enhance the chance of GBmoto winning back the UK Endurance Championship. Our promise is to welcome you, make you feel part of them team and share our high speed experience with you and your friends.

For more information on the GBmoto Supporters Club, the benefits and facilities, please contact me on ‘07970 072039’ or We look forward to seeing you in the pit lane in 2008.

Please send your cheque made payable to ‘GBmoto’ to:

7 The Goldings
Chelmsford Road
Leaden Roading