Sarah Ozanne


Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Fav Music – 80’s Pop, just getting into Green Day
Fav Food – Fish n Chips by the beach

Biggest Interest outside of racing?

My two lovely children


Office Services Administrator (General dogs body really)

Currently live in?


Racing Experience:

Can do 60 mph on a 35 mph Island!!

Funniest moment in racing?

Every meeting when things don’t go wrong.

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

No one, cause I would land up in the shower fully clothed.

How I justify this to the other half:

Katy says she’s booked a weekend away, is that ok!!!!

would like to say:

I have met a lot of great people through GBMoto and I’m pleased to be able to call them, my friends.