Phil Whitehouse



Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Silver, Fleetwood Mac, Anything cooked to perfection.

Biggest Interest outside of racing?

My family.



Currently live in?

Chipping, Ongar

Role within team?

Garage Manager and Accommodation Organiser

Racing Experience:

From proddy racing Yamaha 350s in the late 80’s to 600 ACU Star and Supercup series in the early nineties. Latterly World and UK Endurance racing.

Funniest moment in racing?

Mechanic in semi works Ducati Team in 1963 Thruxton 500, prepared engines for Production Racing in the 70’s and helped out in Brookvex Endurance team 1990’s. A member of GBmoto Team since then.

Favourite moment in racing?

Seeing a novice endurance racer who was told to rub surgical spirit into his backside to help harden the skin, only for him to strip off bend over and pour the bottle into the small of his back. When the said spirit hit home he burst out of the tent ran full length of the paddock screaming and jumped into the lake much to the amusement of the rest of the teams.

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

Not in my makeup – stand back and let them trip themselves up I say!

How I justify this to the other half:

Bring her with me - someone has to do the cooking! .

What I will most likely say if you meet me in the paddock:

Depends on who you are?

would like to say:

Lets get back to our winning ways and be No. 1 again.