Kevin Wyatt



Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Blues, 60s, 70s & 80s (other than oasis), Indian.

Biggest Interest outside of racing?

Millwall is a passion (you need to sample it to appreciate it), socialising with friends ,and any
sport or hobbies that will test me.


Coded welder.

Currently live in?

Penge, South London.

Role within team?

Main role is the tyre work - to have good rubber on wheels; talk and listen to the riders and find out what they want and when they want it; to try to second guess them and the weather so I am ready for any circumstances that arises. When pit stopping, I am the guy changing the rear wheel. I like to take care of team moral in a way - a happy team is a dangerous team to race against.

Racing Experience:

No experience of riding other than track-days, myself – my biggest regret to date is not racing, I have been around racing since I was eight. First as a spectator then within GBmoto, racing really is now in my blood.

Funniest moment in racing?

Two incidents. The first was being invited to the Team Foggy Petronas hospitality suite to listen to Carl Fogarty give a speech. The microphone he had was intermittent, so it sounded as if he had a speech impediment, that was funny. Foggy ‘steaming at the ears was even funnier’ as we laughed at him. Secondly comes the drive home from the Oschersleben 24 hour race after with Mark and Gav - 600 miles of laughter all about some girls eyes (don’t ask)!

Favourite moment in racing?

Being KRC endurance champions in 04 and watching as my mate Macca become Endurance Champion (had to have a little moment on my own too). Then watching my 11 year old son win his first 50cc road race. Both priceless moments. Also remember being given a lift to Brands twice by Barry Sheene as a twelve year old and realising my boyhood hero was a hero and not a tosser.!!

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

It would be no one. Why - cos with size six shoes do you know how hard that would be. I hope those wishing to trip me up are feeling guilty!!! How I justify this to the other half: She knows without racing I wouldbe brain dead.

What I will most likely say if you meet me in the paddock:

That depends if I like you.

would like to say:

Being part of GBmoto has given me the chance to see racing from the other side. I have also been fortunate to meet some special people that have become GBmoto.