Katy Rowe


None that I’m aware of, but the team may know differently

Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Fav, colour, Yellow its sunny and bright just like me, Music, Seal, Alan Parsons, Tom Petit and Rock ballads, and Food, has to be Frerro Rocha chocolates first, seafood second.

Biggest Interest outside of racing?

In an ideal world it would be playing sport, fashion designing and roller skating.



Currently live in?


Role within team?

Time keeper, statistician, entertainment manager.

Racing Experience:

No one is daft enough to lend me a bike so I can find out.

Funniest moment in racing?

Listening outside the van when Eileen our Physio makes grown men cry

Favourite moment in racing?

Doing the worlds and opening the pit roller door to see a crowd of 120,000 people sat looking at me wishing they were stood where I was..

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

I wouldn’t as I’m always cadging lifts from the airport to and from the circuits from everyone and I wouldn’t want to risk upsetting anyone. Men have their uses at times.

How I justify this to the other half:

If I ask him if I can go there’s always a chance he will say no. So I book it and tell him when I’m going.

What I will most likely say if you meet me in the paddock:

That’s a cool piece of equipment you have there, can I take a closer look.

would like to say:

GBMoto is special because we are more than just a team we have become a family.