Claire Springate


Claire The Bear or Stumpy

Favourite Colour, Music & Food?

Favourite colour is pink and I like the rock stuff – Bon Jovi, Aerosmith etc. Food - I like anything. I love the classic fish and chips (plus curry sauce) along with chopped up fish fingers in mashed potato and ketchup ...mmmmm (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!)..

Biggest Interest outside of racing?



P.A. to the Managing Director of a privately owned Italian Shipping Company.

Currently live in?

A lovely little 2 bed flat with plenty of room for my ever expanding wardrobe.

Role within team?

I work along side Katy on the pit wall doing the time keeping. My particular role is displaying the times and any other important information on the pit board and hanging it out every lap come rain (monsoon) or shine (heat wave). We work closely with Barry (Team Manager) and Terry (Fuel) in deciding how long each particular rider needs to stay out.

Funniest moment in racing?

This question is easy. My funniest moment involves one of our racing weekends at Bishopscourt where Katy and me trashed Mark, Kev’s and Terry’s room. I have to admit the toothpaste on the loo seat was the ‘piste de la resistance’. I seriously think some pride was damaged that night but they did get their own back by soaking me at Donnington.

Favourite moment in racing?

Again easy – winning the 2004 Championship and watching Mark fill up his crash helmet with tears of happiness when he entered ‘parc ferme’. I have never seen so many grown men shed tears of joy - easily my most favourite moment in racing!!!.

If I was gonna stick out my foot and trip another team member up:

It couldn’t be Trev as this may cause serious implications in our relationship. It couldn’t be Val and Phil because they are way to good to me. It couldn’t be Keith and Gavin and they are my big brothers. Certainly not Mark, Richard or Roger, because if they were damaged we would need to find another rider. Not Katy, Sarah, Tracey or Eileen as us girls have to stick together. Definitely not Terry as he is bigger than me; nor Barry as he is the boss man. Could not trip up little Kacey as he has a motorbike career ahead of him. So by my calculations that leaves Kev the bald tosser.

How I justify this to the other half:

No justifications needed – he is GB Motos ‘front wheel man’.

What I will most likely say if you meet me in the paddock:

l would like to say: I am very proud to be part of the best team ever and can’t wait for the season to start again.